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The life opportunity is short. There is sometimes no next time, not an end to end, not an opportunity again to fall in love, to be happy, to share in a smile, to acquire knowledge and to transfer it, to travel, think about the comfort of yourself and your friend for a moment, and add a short life-span and live together. In the words of Marquez, when you see you do not live as much as you are, you see real regret. So live as much as our age .

I was born on November 16, 1983 in Tehran, my father was from Mazandaran, but he grew up in Tehran. My mother is from Tehran. Both of them worked in the army but after the transfer of my father, Brigader General Dr. Kiumars Kiani, to Shiraz for the command of the 55th Airborne Brigade, my mother quit the army and transferred her job to education and training ministry and was teaching English until her retirement.

My father’s military life led me to take a course in Marivan and early guidance school in Shiraz. I still remember the perfume of Bahar-Narenj. Alley, books and mountains as well as equestrian sport, these four words are an important part of my childhood.

Adolescence passed in Shiraz and Tehran, I have good memories of that era. I did not have a drop in education during the school year, and was an excellent student. I spent four years high school in Sama high school, where I was very interested in physics mathematics.

After high school, I studied various fields at the university: film directing, textile engineering (which, at the same time as a student, with the economic activities of my 17 years of age, I established the Pasargad Goharsazan Company and I am currently managing director of this organization.) But, finally, because of my interest I found myself at the University of Allameh Tabataba'i University in the field of business management and I graduated. I then went on to continue my education and my studies in Entrepreneurship at Tehran University.

University of Tehran was a new and fascinating world. Energy had an old and wide-ranging environment in which the first-level masters of the country were gathered in each faculty, and the students who were in the best of the country were completely different from the small school environment. Vibrant and sporty. Biking, swimming, climbing, volleyball and finally riding. I started riding since I was 11 years old. I was continually riding up to the age of 18 when I entered the university, and attended nearly 30 club and serial competitions and got numerous positions.

I did not have a mentor in the business. For someone whose parents and most of their close relatives lived in a state and work environment and lived through this way, entering the bazaar business world was a huge risk. And of course, this test of trial and error made me lose a little investment in the lack of confidence and confidence at the end of my career.

Capabilities and cooperation fields


  1. Importation of all types of authorized goods that cannot be manufactured in the country; as well as raw materials and machinery for domestic plants, so that we can take a small step, in support of national production, and even leave no worker; and there is no enterprise. Also do not stop for these reasons ...
  2. Export: Today, our sales are often carried out in a crude manner, and this approach must be changed in the country, and we, with the raw materials we hold, extract raw materials from ourselves and then export the product, then this growth economy and domestic workforce are active
  3. Our focus is on the parts produced inside and inside the internal capacities, and, of course, through the use of world-class knowledge
  4. The conduct of domestic and foreign trade activities due to the specific geopolitical situation in the region can provide a favorable situation between the European countries and the Republic of Iraq and the Republic of South Africa
  5. Activities as an exclusive agent for your product or service.
  6. Brand new business consulting
  7. Registration of the order, clearance of all customs of the country
  8. ...
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You were born to win. You have to plan to win. Get ready to win and wait for winning.

Reza Kiani

Articles and stories

A: Financial markets of the European Union
B- Securities Markets Derived from Euronex Stock Exchange – Madrid Stokholm
C) financial management from the point of view of Imamiyah jurisprudence.
D - What do you know about derived tools? Keyword: Future Charters, Futures Contract, Transaction Opportunity Contracts, Financial Instruments - Risk
E) Sokok's role in financing
Dr Alireza Khalili, Reza Kiani Bahar 95

Production management, customer-oriented approach to designing and improving product quality:
Quality function development and its extensions
Dr. Amir Reza Ayatollah, Reza Kiani
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We often talk to each other about problems. We talk about deficiencies and weaknesses, and sometimes make suggestions.Some of us are disappointed, and some are hoping and waiting for change and good things. But we shouldn’t forget that speaking and hoping is not enough. We have to get up and do something. We have a responsibility to do something at least as much as we can. To create joy and goodness to give ourselves and others.

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